Frequently Asked Questions

Is the reversal performed using microsurgery?

Yes, here at the Headland Clinic we use a sophisticated Zeiss OPMI operating microscope. The anastomoses is the most advanced and demanding three layer technique as shown in the pictures on the Vasectomy Reversal page. We also use a table top microscope for an examination of sperm during the operation to evaluate the need for a vasoepididiostomy.



I’ve heard and read that a vasoepididiostomy technique may be needed. Can you explain what this is?

Whenever the vas is blocked it requires a vasoepididiostomy, which entails connecting the vas tube directly to the epididymis, rather that joining the two vas tubes together. This does work and we have had a successful pregnancy following the use of this technique.



Do you accept failed vasectomy reversals which have been carried out at other clinics?

We frequently get cases of failed vasectomy reversals which have been attempted at other centres for a re-do operation with successful outcomes.


Is the reversal procedure carried out under general or local anaesthesia?

The reversal procedure carried out under local anaesthesia and sedation. The combination leaves the patient in a pain free relaxed state.


How long does the vasectomy reversal take?

The vasectomy reversal takes approximately 2-3 hours. It is essential that a family member or friend accompanies you and takes you home after the operation.


Is the vasectomy reversal 100% successful?

A vasectomy reversal is not 100% guaranteed to be successful. Generally speaking, chances of a successful reversal are reduced when a greater amount of time has elapsed between the initial vasectomy & the vasectomy reversal.


When will I be able to resume normal sexual activity after the procedure?

This normally dependant upon the comfort of the patient. However, we generally recommend that you abstain from sex for about 3 weeks.



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“Just a quick message to let you know that I am over 5 weeks pregnant, I can’t quite believe it, our first month of trying and we manage it! We are overwhelmed and shocked although it is early days. We will keep you posted and would like to to pass on our sincere thanks to the team.”

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