The Headland Medical Centre for Vasectomy ReversalsThe Headland Medical Centre is a modern facility and has been visited and praised by a Minister of Health, The BBC and the Hartlepool Mail.

Tel: 01429 857321
(Answerphone, will be replied to as soon as someone is available)

Mob: 07570543782
(8am till 8pm, Monday to Friday, if no answer please leave a message as

Excellent centre for Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal and Vasectomies.


  • High success rate.
  • We accept cases of failed IVF and ICSI for vasectomy reversal from other infertility centres.
  • We specialize in Re-do operations. (Failed vasectomy reversal carried out by other surgeons)
  • We carry out vasoepididiostomy when ever it is required. (when proximal vas is blocked i.e. no sperm present in the aspirated sample)Dr Thakur, Vasectomy Reversal Specialist
  • Dr. Thakur has been interviewed by the BBC and been on prime time national news, he regularly visits European centres to update his skills and knowledge and similarly the Headland Clinic is frequently visited by vasectomy reversal surgeons from Europe.
  • We usually carry out two vasectomy reversals in a day. The first starts at 9am and the patient is ready to leave the clinic by midday. The second case, which starts at 2pm, is ready to leave by 5pm.
  • Headland Medical Centre is first in the UK to introduce the no needle technique of vasectomy.



All inclusive cost of Vasectomy Reversal


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